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As of Week 3 of the semester, I'm already having trouble with my school work so it's gonna be a busy time for me.
It was dinner time in command central as Ruff, Blossom, and Chet ate in silence. Chet was usually munching away his food, Blossom ate usually healthy foods, but Ruff was acting a bit differently. He usually ate his Chinese food and pizza in a frenzy, but tonight, he just fiddle around with his food and sigh a bit deeply. Although Chet doesn’t really notice this behavior, Blossom did. She always have a sharp eye for things that are out of place and Ruff was the ticket.

“Sigh” Ruff kept on fiddling with his food.

“Ruff, are you feeling alright?” Blossom asked.

“Hmm?” Ruff perk up.

“You usually eat your food faster than you usually do. Is everything all right?” Ruff instantly put on a happy, but nervous expression.

“I never felt better! Everything’s fine!” Ruff said in a cheery/nervous tone as he quickly devour his food. Then he choke on it from the fast eating.

“Cough, cough, cough!!!” Ruff cough violently from his food choking and quickly stand up in panic! Blossom rushed to his side and perform a Heimlich maneuver on Ruff. He spat out a half-eaten eggroll, it flung at Chet and knock him out clean. Ruff then breathe in and out from his recent experience.

“Ruff, you ate too fast!” Blossom scolded as she help Ruff up.

“Cough, cough! I’m sorry about Blossom. I just felt somewhat under the water lately.” Ruff said as he went to his bed and sat on it.

“Ruff, you been acting very strange today. First, you not being talkative. Next, you actually work hard for once. Lastly, you didn’t eat your favorite foods in an exciting manner. Please Ruff, this isn’t you.” Blossom said a bit worryingly.

Ruff looked away. “Gee… I never really thought you’re that worry of me.” He said quietly, but Blossom heard it clearly. She gasp and slap him. Ruff didn’t really flinch from it.

“Of course I do! Why do you think I got promoted to Supervisor from Henry?!” Blossom said angrily.

“To keep an eye on my stupid antics?” Ruff replied

“Yes! But most importantly you! I know we got off the wrong foot when we first met. You thought I was just some cat who’ll ruin your show and I thought you were just some idiot who’s not gonna achieve anything. But later on, I saw more than the idiot I once thought and saw you as… a friend.” Blossom said in a hurt tone. Ruff widen his eyes a bit.

“Now please, what’s wrong? And don’t tell me it’s nothing Ruff, I know you.” Blossom said with authority. Ruff looked back at Blossom and felt bad for saying that to her. He clench his paws and tears were starting to form, as if everything he had bottled up to the point till today is about to release.

“IT’S BECAUSE OF WHAT I DONE THAT CAUSED MY BROTHER TO BE IN PRISON!!!” Ruff shouted as he stand up with his paws clenched and his eyes that are flowing down with tears. Blossom was taken aback by Ruff’s outburst. Never before has she seen this side of him, the anger, and the sadness.

“I’m the reason why Scruff is now a full on criminal.” Ruff said as he sat back down with tears. Blossom sat next to him and put her paw on his back to comfort him.

“What happened?” She said gently

“What I’m about to tell you must stay between us. Can you promise me that Blossom?” Blossom nodded. Ruff took a deep breath and begin his tale.

“When I was a pup, my parents were missing and all of us became separated through our owners. Scruff and I were adopted together by Kate and throughout that time was painful from being away from our other siblings.” Blossom kept on listening. “Because of that, Scruff and I only had each other. We made a blood promise that no matter what happens, we’ll always stay together.” This part is where Blossom was surprised.

“From what you’re saying, you and your twin brother were once close.” She said

“Yeah, and you already knew from season 3 that we had many ideas for businesses. Scruff and I had our ups and downs when we were young, but we’re still brothers.” Ruff said as his smile upon that memory and then went back to his tale. “There were times I got bullied by Spotnick and some other dogs and Scruff always comes to take care of me.” Ruff being bullied? This was certainly starting to get interesting. “Because of that I always felt inferior to my brother because of his many talents. I try to become as good as him, but no matter what I couldn’t outlive that shadow.” As Blossom heard that, she immediately thought of her time with her twin sister Petunia. The two were close, but Petunia was mostly the skillful one than Blossom. This made Blossom felt somewhat inferior and understand Ruff’s feelings completely. “Then the worst part in our lives started too happened.”

“Scruff started to hang around with the wrong dogs and you already know about his girlfriend during the trial of Grandma. The influence from them made Scruff think differently, he became immerse with stealing and vandalism and wanted me to join him in the life of crime.” Blossom’s eyes widen. “As much as I didn’t want to do bad things, I didn’t want to leave my brother. So I join him on this heist to steal one of the most valuable artifacts. The Diamond Bone.” Ruff said with emphasis. Blossom was shocked.

“But, the diamond bone is one of the most heavily guarded artifacts in the world. How did you and you’re brother manage to do that?” She asked.

“I did had some knowledge and experiences on computers and electronics. I usually learned this on an online class when my owner wasn’t looking.” Safe to say, Blossom was impressed. “I disabled the security and alarms in the building and manage to get ahold on the artifact, but then we got spotted and ran.” Ruff said as he remembers that faithful day.


“Stop! Thieves!” The officers shouted as they blew the whistles

“Ruff, hurry up!” Scruff yelled as he ran ahead of his brother. Ruff wasn’t exactly as athletic as Scruff, so he was getting exhausted really fast. The two climbed up onto a building and ran on the rooftops to lose sight of the cops. They jump over one ledge of the other until Scruff tripped and almost fall if it weren’t for Ruff grabbing his paw in time.

“Ruff, pull me up!” Scruff said as Ruff tried to, but he was tired from the running and the diamond bone that Scruff was carrying was heavy. The sounds of the whistles were getting near and Ruff feared about getting caught. He looked back at his brother. He looked him in the eye and also saw a dumpster beneath them. Scruff caught on to what Ruff is going to do and beg him not to let go.

“No, no, no! Don’t you dare let me go! Didn’t we promise not to separate no matter what!? Didn’t we brother!?” Scruff said half yelling and half fearfully. The sounds of whistles were getting even closer and as much as Ruff loved his brother and wanted to uphold their promise, Ruff feared for his life. “I’m sorry.” In a final moment of guilt, regret, and fear… he let go of Scruff’s paw.

“RUUUUFFFFFFFF!!!” Scruff screamed as he fell down into the dumpster. Ruff froze on what he had done and ran for his life in tears, never to look back.

(Flashback Ends)

From this point on, Blossom was more shocked than before and started to tear up. “I was scared… I was scared about what will happened to me… and I let my brother go because of that!” Ruff yelled in self-loathing as he cried. “I always felt guilty that… I got away and my brother didn’t. I felt even guiltier that Scruff never even gave my name to the authorities.” Ruff looked at Blossom. “Back then, even one strike can ruin your whole life. Until then, I wished that it was me who got caught instead of Scruff.” Ruff couldn’t say anymore, so just cry. Blossom was at lost with words, what she sees now is not the idiot that will never achieve, but the true Ruff Ruffman. She wanted to cry, she want to make it feel better. So she did the one thing that was simple, she hug him.

“It’s not your fault, I understand what it like is to have someone close to you to commit bad deeds. I did the same thing to Petunia, but instead, I help arrest her.” Blossom said in tears and the crying Ruff returned her embraced. “But, you want to know what I did next?”

“What?” Ruff sniffled

“I lived with it, I did just the same as you. Wore a mask in public, but felt hurt on the inside. Graduated from university while the other got a different career. I felt I was the only one who suffered through this until you came along.” Blossom said as she retracted from her hug and looked into Ruff’s eyes.

“When I heard about your brother doing crimes, I immediately felt a sort of connection with you. Someone who suffer as much as me. Now that you told me your history, it has confirm my suspicions. Thank you”

“When you told me about your sister, I too felt the same way Blossom.” Ruff said as he stopped crying. “Of all time with you, I felt that you were a pest; but now, you really… bring something out of me.” Blossom blushed and wiped her eyes.

“I kinda thought you were an overweight slob, but now, I think you’re quite… charming.” It was Ruff’s turn to blush.  

“Well, in that case. You want to… discuss it over lunch this Friday? Along with our respective twins?” Ruff said shyly

“Yes… I would like that.” Blossom smiled. The two embraced again, feeling the warmth from each other’s bodies until Ruff spoke up.

“Thank you Blossom, for being here.” Ruff said

“Thank Henry for setting me up here Ruff.” Blossom replied. The two let go of each other and Blossom took something out from her pocket.

“Here”, she said as she handed Ruff an envelope.

“This is your weeks’ paycheck, why are you giving it to me?”

“I get paid very well, and you did said one time that you’re owner is having problems with the mortgage. Think of this from a friend.”

“Blossom…” Ruff said as he went near Blossom and gently kiss her forehead. She froze up from the kiss and took a hefty shade of red on her face with her mouth slightly open. Ruff retracted with a lovely smile and hold up the envelope. “How did a useless dog like me ended up with you?”

Blossom smiled. “Because it’s just the way it is.” She then picked up her phone and dialed her sister’s number.

                                                                           The End
Just the way it is
Part 1 out of 2

All rights goes to WGBH Boston
As of Week 3 of the semester, I'm already having trouble with my school work so it's gonna be a busy time for me.


Jonathan Phu
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I like to draw, write, and other things I do in my spare time.

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